Idea: A tiny house village? That sounds like a practical response to our housing crisis!


Connect: Join the Village Collaborative Facebook group to connect with others with a similar idea.


Research: Read Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages to gain background information on what has been done so far, and for more detailed advice on how to start a village in your town.


Organize, Plan, and Fundraise: 


  • Find others with a similar idea and form a local advocacy group that meets regularly.


  • Explore shared values and develop a vision of what you want to accomplish.


  • Begin to write op-eds and press releases to gradually share your vision and plans with the public.


  • Identify and collaborate with existing community resources and organizations that can help make it happen.


  • Get decision makers and community leaders on board, and begin to create the political will necessary to bring your project to fruition.


        >> Get Help:  Schedule the "It Takes a Village" Presentation


  • Develop a Concept Plan, Community Agreement, Site Criteria, and Tiny House Prototype so that you can effectively present your project to the public.


        >> Get Help:  Schedule the "Getting it Built" Workshop


  • Form a 501(c)3 non-profit organization or find an existing organization with a compatible mission.


  • Begin a fundraising campaign.


  • Work with your municipality to refine your concept plan to meet their standards.


  • Identify a site.


  • Outreach to surrounding neighborhood to inform them about your project ahead of time.


  • Form an application and vetting process to officially identify the initial residents (start with a core group of no more than a dozen and grow from there).


  • Begin regular meetings between initial residents and members of non-profit organization.


  • Develop a "Village Manual" to establish a governing framework for a self-managed community with oversight provided by a non-profit organization.


Approval: Get the necessary permits and approvals from your municipality.


Build: Find skilled builders willing to construct your prototype tiny house, and then organize collaborative building events that include residents and community volunteers to build the rest of the village. (Note: building a prototype tiny house early on in the above process as a display unit can be an effective way to gain support for your project).