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Tiny House Villages have emerged as a viable model for responding to issues of homelessness and the lack of affordable housing. The Village Collaborative is an effort to network, inform, and encourage collaboration amongst the various groups working towards a common vision of implementing the Village Model. Here's how you can learn more and get involved...

the Village Collaborative Facebook Group is a one stop place to ask questions, introduce what you're working on, share resources, and collaborate with others on a similar pursuit.

The popularization of the Tiny House Movement has brought a great deal of attention to this cause, but the effort has roots beyond those charming little homes. As documented in the book Tent City Urbanism, the Village Model evolved from democratic tent cities organized by the unhoused, which demonstrated an alternative to traditional responses to poverty and homelessness; one that preserves a greater degree of individual autonomy and dignity within a community setting. The critical components of the Village Model are listed below.


Components of the Village Model:



Individual homes of 400 square feet or less​


Shared facilities and resources to supplement tiny homes



Involvement of residents in decision making and management 



Residents meet as a community at least once a month


A basic code of conduct that all residents agree to abide by


An entity that provides ongoing administration, oversight, and support


Existing Villages:  

Dignity Village | Portland, OR

Organization: Dignity Village, Inc.

Open since: 2001


Opportunity Village | Eugene, OR

Organization: SquareOne Villages

Open since: 2013

Quixote Village | Olympia, WA

Organization: Panza

Open since: 2013


OM Village | Madison, WI

Organization: Occupy Madison, Inc.

Open since: 2014


Nickelsville Tiny House Village | Seattle, WA

Organization: LIHI & Nickelsville

Open since: 2016

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