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Andrew Heben is an urban planner, designer, and developer.

He is the author of 
Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages (2014), and the 
Village Collaborative was originally created to publish the book and network readers.

Many of the ideas within Tent City Urbanism have since been put into action through the co-founding of
SquareOne Villages, a nonprofit based in Eugene, OR creating democratic communities with homes that are permanently affordable and environmentally sustainable.

As SquareOne's Project Director, Andrew has overseen the planning, design, and construction of three developments—Opportunity Village, (2013), Emerald Village (2017), Cottage Village (2019)—and is currently working on two more—Peace Village and Rosa Village.  He has also consulted on dozens of other projects throughout the US, and in an effort to help spread this collaborative, community-based housing model, he led the development of the Village TOOLBOX (2016) .

Andrew's career began in grasroots homelesssness advocacy and tiny home building. When first moving to Eugene, he lived at the Walnut Street Co-op (2011-2015), one of only a handful of housing co-ops in Oregon at the time. This helped inspire a transition to affordable cooperative housing development with SquareOne Villages.

Under a grant from Meyer Memorial Trust, he further researched and developed the cooperative housing model, and added a community land trust component (see
the Village Model).

Most rececently, he has helped organize the
Oregon Cooperative Housing Network, an effort to promote and expand cooperative housing throughout Oregon.